The subwoofer turns on automatically when the power code is plugged in the power and configured to pair with the included Samsung soundbar. Let’s see how to achieve both the manual and automatic connection. Some soundbars have their own subwoofers while others don’t. For those that have, pairing usually doesn’t need connecting wires since the communication is wireless.

Then, open the USB file that contains the firmware file. After clicking it, wait a few minutes for the file to download. You can try the procedure again if the firmware file was not downloaded successfully. This step will automatically update the firmware on your Samsung television.

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You can also manage your apps by going to the Smart Hub and selecting “Apps” then “My Apps”. To keep your Samsung smart TV working its best, you should update the system software regularly. System software updates for Samsung TVs add news apps and fix bugs in the software. If your TV isn’t working right or there’s a new app you heard is available, it’s time to check if there’s a new version to download.

  • There is a possibility that your soundbar will not be able to connect to your electronic device if it is located too far away from it.
  • Try inserting your HDMI cable to another socket on your TV.
  • The same as Odin, you need to download the firmware for your phone and then put it in the designated folder on your computer.

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We recommend using latest version firmware can i update the firmware on my samsung tv device. Easy step by step update firmware latest version, downloads ever release. Many of Samsung’s smart TVs run a customized version of Android. These are the same operating systems used by most other smartphones that are not called iPhones.

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Because there will be no data loss on your end, completing a soft reset is completely risk-free. If these options don’t work, you may have to reset your soundbar or subwoofer. You can connect them automatically after the reset. If this still doesn’t work, you may have to connect the subwoofer manually. The last troubleshooting option is to update the soundbar firmware to ensure that the subwoofer connects properly. When the soundbar is connected to the Internet, software updates automatically occur even when the soundbar is turned off.